UPCOMING NEW version of The Burning Star!

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say that after having received some feedback from reviewers on a few grammatical errors, and confusion on which character is speaking in a chapter, we have decided to do one last giant re-edit of The Burning Star. The re-edit is now half way done, and we expect to have the new version available to purchase in a week or so.

To the reviewers who brought these errors to our attention: THANK YOU!

To the readers who show us love despite our goofs: HUGE THANK YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME AND WE LOVE YOU!

Also I would like to note that we have a few giveaways going on at the moment.
Candace’s Book Blog and Reading Between The Wines

The winners of these giveaways will receive the newly edited version of the book.

Thank you everybody, for your time, love, support and patience as we continue on this crazy journey.

Jessie Lane

3 thoughts on “UPCOMING NEW version of The Burning Star!

  1. Thank you Braine Talk Supe! We try to learn from the criticism, and not take it to personally. Melissa and I are stoked because right now we're down to the last six chapters for editing! And no, the cover is not changing. Is it wrong to love the cover of your own book too much? lol.

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