Giveaway Technical Difficulties

So Amazon (and possibly Barnes & Noble) are giving Melissa and I technical difficulties about giving our book away for free. Can you believe that? We’re trying our best to fix the situation, but in the event that we can not The Burning Star is already listed for free at:

Smashwords   OR   All Romance ebooks/ OMNI Lit

If you do not want to go through one of these two websites for the free ebook, please feel free to email Melissa and I which book format you require at: and we will email you the ebook format of your choice.

Sorry for the difficulties, but Melissa and I are still rockin’ out our giveaway so have fun with us at the many websites that will host an interview, book excerpt or guest post from us during the giveaway! We will post them as we receive or find the links!

Thanks everybody!
Crystal & Melissa

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