NEWS and The Frozen Star Cover!

First the cover. As promised yesterday, we are adding The Frozen Star’s cover to our website today.
Tada! We LOVE it, and although some may think authors should not have favorites among their characters, because it draws parallels to having favorites among your children, the character featured here, Kira, is our favorite character in the Star Series so far.
So needless to say: WE. ARE. EXCITED!
Now on to the NEWS, or maybe it’s more of an update. We are hard at work on upcoming projects in the effort to get them out there on the dates we promised them, while still giving you quality writing that THIS TIME has an editor, instead of us. LOL. SO, don’t be surprised when you don’t see any updates from us for a while.
Ohhhhh, let’s say, until December. ;D
Till then, much love and keep devouring those books!
Crystal and Melissa

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