NEWS on Changed Release dates!

   So this fall/winter has been a little crazy for the Jessie Lane team. Melissa has been in extreme pain with her carpal tunnel, and is now scheduled to have surgery at the beginning of January. In addition to that, Crystal suffered the tragic loss of her oldest brother on Thanksgiving Day. Due to these two circumstances, our work schedule slowed down a great deal. We’re now striving to get back on the ball, and hope that everyone understands  why these two events have pushed back the release dates for both Big Bad Bite and Secret Maneuvers.

   We’re just a couple of chapters away from Big Bad Bite being done! Huzzah! Our awesome editor Jackie is slaving away in her spare time to get back chapters we’ve already sent her. While she’s doing that, we will be slaving away to finish up the book, hopefully in the next two weeks before Christmas, to send those final chapters to Jackie. So based on that, and the holidays, we’re looking at a tentative release date in the end of January, around Crystal’s birthday. Reviewers who have already agreed to read Big Bad Bite for us will have PDF copies as soon as Jackie gives the all clear.

*If you are a reviewer who would like to submit a review request for either Big Bad Bite or Secret Maneuvers, please email us at:*

   This brings us to Secret Maneuvers. This book is already halfway written, and so we’re hoping to have this book released late spring/early summer. If this changes we will let you know right away!

   Thanks to everyone for understanding the changes in our schedule, and for your love and support. It means the world to us, and we can’t wait for you to see Jenna and Adam’s story in Big Bad Bite!

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