3rd Day of Big Bad Bite Blog Tour!

Who’s excited for the release of Big Bad Bite?! WE ARE! Instead of counting down days… we’re counting down HOURS! Awesomeness!

Lots of good stuff going on today. Here’s where you can find us:

Reading Between the Wines Book Club has a guest post on 5 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Wolf Shifter. You can also check out an excerpt, our book trailer, and enter our amazing GIVEAWAY that features a custom bracelet made by Crystal from Reading Between the Wines! I have a secret about this blog too… wanna know what it is? I (that would be Crystal Leo) review on this blog for the other Crystal who runs it. Yay! So you could say this is my second blog home besides here at Jessie Lane. You must check it out! Click her button below to see why I love to call Reading Between the Wines Book Club home!

The Brunette Librarian has a guest post from us titled, Why The Man Whores? In Big Bad Bite you will quickly find that we have a number of easy going, funny, man whore type guys. Why is this? Well, you’ll just have to head on over and find out. She’s also put up a fabulous excerpt for you to check out, and don’t forget that giveaway!
Faerotic Prose has a guest post from us on the Top 10 Songs that Inspired Us while writing Big Bad Bite! We love our music, and we hope you enjoy the artists who get our creative motors going. You’ll also be to read an excerpt, and of course, enter that GIVEAWAY!
Ursula over at Love Books! Book Reviews has put up a wonderful review of Big Bad Bite! She is new to the blogging scene, so make sure you pop over and show her some love! Thanks Ursula! Click HERE to check out her blog.
Not apart of the blog tour, but still equally awesome, is Steffi and Karla at Swept Away By Romance! They’ve put up a detailed review (3.5 & 4 stars) on what they liked (or didn’t like) about Big Bad Bite. Click HERE to take a look at it. Thanks ladies!

5 thoughts on “3rd Day of Big Bad Bite Blog Tour!

  1. Next Big Bad Bite book – more RAWRRR! LoL. Eventually, more Kent! ;D Young Logan… Looong ways off, but I've got a couple of interesting peeps in mind for the inbetween. *devious grin* Thanks again for the great review!

  2. Then man-whores rule in this book!! I have two words for you…MORE KENT!!! Okay, wait two more…YOUNG LOGAN!! Not quite finished, two more words…GAGE RAWRRR!! Okay I'm done!

  3. You must have! I don't think anyone could come up with all those whacky people in BBB without any personal experience:) Gage's granny had me cracking up so much! She was hilarious.

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