Yesterday was a senseless tragedy. Innocent lives lost or injured, and our prayers are with them. For many of those terrified injured people, who were scared in the chaos and darkness surrounding them, came hope, help and light in the form of HEROES. First Responders, Paramedics, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, your everyday average human beings and many others behind the scenes such as Dispatchers stepped up to help those in need. Not for recognition or reward, but because it was either their job or they wanted to help those in need. We support our heroes in their many forms!

Boston’s Explosive Ordinance Unit found two undetonated devices and dismantled them.
The man in the cowboy hat was an innocent bystander across the street handing out American flags in representation of our sodiers when the bomb went off in front of him. Here he is helping the First Responder staunch the blood flow for a victim who lost his legs.
So many heroes who arrived within seconds, and stayed for many hours to do what needed to be done.
Law enforcement officers helping Paramedics load victims into ambulances.

Thank you to the many heroes who will undoubtedly be working around the clock for many days to come! Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Boston!

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