13 Days and Counting!

Only 13 days left until the June 15th release date of Secret Maneuvers! Yippee! Mel and I are crazy excited right now! In the mean time, Mel is still plucking away at The Frozen Star (sequel to our YA book, The Burning Star) while waiting to move out of Washington state. I am full steam ahead on the 2nd book in the Ex Ops Team Series, Stripping Her Defenses. Or, at least I’m full steam ahead until I get distracted by Gage and Elena from Walk On The Striped Side, the next book in the Big Bad Bite Series. ;D

So to give you a taste of what’s going on in Stripping Her Defenses so far… I give you a song. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities… but the song and its music video are pretty spot on for some of the emotions these characters are feeling.

And for all of you out there that wonder about the dynamic between Mel and I??? Know that at this moment she is rolling her eyes and groaning in mental agony. Not because she doesn’t like this song, because that’s not the problem. No, she’s afraid that I will now be on a “3 Doors Down” playing spree again. Where I call her up and torture her with playing my music over and over and over… well… you get the idea. ;P

If you like this song, there are other awesome songs like it on the Stripping Her Defenses Music Playlist! Make sure to check it out!

*We in no way claim rights to any of these songs and/or videos. They belong to the artists who created them.*

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