Karina Halle NEWS, New stuff for YOU & only 1 DAY LEFT to enter The Big Fat Summer Giveaway!

SO… first up, Karina Halle NEWS for you. The lovely Ms. Halle will be releasing her latest addition to the Artist Trilogy on August 20th.  I luurrrvve this series. It’s ridiculously good peeps. To celebrate her upcoming release of Shooting Scars she’s doing something fun and different. (That’s where we come in.)


From Karina herself: “You see, I love talking to other authors. And I love talking about my books. So in August, every day I interview an author who I admire who has also read Sins & Needles and/or On Every Street (and loved it, naturally!) and we dish about Camden, Javier, Ellie and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. The author then shares a promo teaser pic from one of the books (including Shooting Scars!). At the end of the month there is a giant giveaway – one winner will win signed copies of my books, the other winner will win 30 -ebooks!!! That’s right, you can win a book of your choice from each author – how cool is that?

So what authors are fans of The Artists Trilogy? Here’s who Karina is talking to this month:

Courtney Cole (If I Stay)

SL Jennings (Fear of Falling)

Janine Olsson (The Haze)

Kenya Wright (Fire Baptized)

Carey Heywood (Him)

Barbie Bohrman (Promise Me)

Jessie Lane (Secret Maneuvers) <- LOOK! It’s US!!! AUGUST 7TH!!!!!!

Chelsea M. Cameron (My Favorite Mistake)

JA Haus (Tragic)

Ashley Wilcox (Waiting on Forever)

JD Salisbury (Fighting for Flight)

KT Grant (The Gate)

Joanna Wylde (Reapers Property)

MJ Abraham (Resplendent)

CC Brown (Shattered)

Misty Provencher (Cornerstone)

Kimberly Stedronsky (Roam)

Jenn Cooksey (Shark Bait)

Melissa Brown (Picturing Perfect)

Stephanie Lawton (Want)

Lori Otto (Lost & Found)

Rachael Wade (Preservation)

RL Griffin (By a Thread)

SL Scott (Good Intentions)

Nikki Narvaez (Envisioned)

Nenia Campbell (Cloak & Dagger)

Vanessa Kimble (Piercing the Fold)

Ella Fox (Broken Hart)

LH Cosway (Painted Faces)

Claire Contreras (There is No Light in Darkness)

Rebecca Espinoza (Binds)

K.A Tucker (Ten Tiny Breaths)

*** Did you guys SEE THAT! We’re on the list with all those other cool kids! So freakin’ excited to be apart of this with Karina Halle, so make sure you check it out on her website on August 7th!***

Okay, quickly before this becomes the LONGEST post in history. There are new pages on our website! Mind you, they’re tentative pages and more will be added later. Make sure you check out Once Upon A Bite’s and Engaging Her Heart’s new pages and let us know what you think. We also have a new Star Series Facebook Page. Go and “Like” that sucker so you can stay on top of any news we have plus any goodies I can talk Mel into giving you… like excerpts.

Last piece of news from us… in case you missed our post last week, we listened to all of the complaints readers had about Big Bad Bite’s problems with it’s third person POV in a present tense. WE FIXED IT. SERIOUSLY. We sent it back to our fabulous editors and had them fix our mistake. It is now in the normal third person POV in a past tense. You can read our post HERE to learn more about that.

FINALLY… there’s only ONE DAY LEFT to enter The Big Fat Summer Giveaway!!! Holy Cramoley peeps! We’re talkin’ about the chance to win a Kindle HD Fire 7″, $80 Gift Card & 31 Ebooks! DON’T MISS ALL OF THIS GOODNESS! Go and enter to win RIGHT NOW!

Click on this link to enter to win everything listed below: RAFFLECOPTER LINK: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/637fbe27/

ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive the following:
A BRAND NEW Kindle Fire HD 7”
$80.00 Amazon Gift Card
Ebook copy of Burning (Demon Legacy #0.5) by J.M. Gregoire
Ebook copy of The Devil You Know (Demon Legacy #1) by J.M. Gregoire
Ebook copy of Tempted By Evil (Light and Shadow Trilogy #1) by Amber Lynn Natusch & Shannon Morton
Ebook copy of Blood Wager (Blood Destiny #1) by Connie Suttle
Ebook copy of Bumble (Legend of Ir’Indicti #1) by Connie Suttle
Ebook copy of Demon Lost (High Demon #1) by Connie Suttle
Ebook copy of Scent of Salvation (Chronicles of Eorthe #1) by Annie Nicholas
Ebook copy of Starved for Love by Annie Nicholas
Ebook copy of Big Bad Bite (Big Bad Bite #1) by Jessie Lane
Ebook copy of Secret Maneuvers (Ex Ops #1) by Jessie Lane
Ebook copy of Andromeda Rising (Celestial #1) by James Ramsey
Ebook copy of Three of Hearts (Hamden #1) by W. Ferraro
Ebook copy of Three of Spades (Hamden #2) by W. Feraro
Ebook copy of Edge of Disaster (Edge #1) by A.M. Hargrove
Ebook copy of Shattered Edge (Edge #2) by A.M. Hargrove
Ebook copy of Kissing Fire (Edge #3) by A.M. Hargrove
Ebook copy of Mountain Charm by Sydney Logan
Ebook copy of Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan
Ebook copy of The Forgotten Ones (Danaan Trilogy #1) by Laura Howard
Ebook Copy of Eyes to See (Jeremiah Hunt #1) by Joseph Nassise
Ebook copy of The Heretic (Templar Chronicles #1) by Joseph Nassise
Ebook copy of Sin at Sea (A Sinful Novella #1) by Emma Nichols
Ebook copy of Forsaken by the Others (H&W Investigations #5) by Jess Haines
Ebook copy of The Unwanted (The FBI Psychics #3.5) by Shiloh Walker
Ebook copy of Fated Souls by Beck Flade
Ebook copy of Death’s Awakening (Eternal Sorrows #1) by Sarra Cannon
Ebook copy of The Trouble With Goodbye (Fairhope #1) by Sarra Cannon
Ebook copy of Forbidden (Arotas Trilogy #1) by Amy Miles
Ebook copy of Bad Blood (Bad Blood #1) by Ginny Lurcock
Ebook copy of The Monster Within (Mounting Darkness #1) by Lola Rayne
Ebook copy of Out of Reach (Wanderer #1) by Jocelyn Stover

Thanks for hanging out with me and the now soon to be infamous longest post in history. Got a question? Drop me a line. Know that we still love and appreciate all of your support and we’re hoping to have more good stuff for you soon! Night peeps! ~ Crystal


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