Karina Halle Interview, Teaser & 2 Awesome Giveaways!

So I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to interview Karina Halle… Right?


Karina Halle interviewed me! *fan girl squeals* Or, at least me under my author pen name, Jessie Lane. How fun is that?

With her second book in The Artist Trilogy, Shooting Scars, coming out on August 20th, Karina decided to interview other authors for their opinions on the first two installments of the series: On Every Street (prequel novella) and Sins & Needles. I luurrrvve these books times infinity (as my youngest minion would say). Karina Halle has woven beautiful characters with insane flaws that make you love them into a story that is the equivalent a literary tilt-a-whirl ride from the carnival.


I’m serious. If you haven’t read these books yet, then go buy the first two RIGHT NOW. Ellie Watt is a survivor, a villain, and a flawed soul who just wants her slice of peace and happiness. The two men in her life are amazing and dangerous. And just so we’re clear as to who this blog is rooting for in the love interest department – IT’S TEAM CAM BABY!

 (I don’t care what that crazy Laura from Little Read Riding Hood says about JaviarCamden is going to whoop Javiar’s booty!)


On Every Street: Amazon ♦  Barnes & Noble ♦ Goodreads

Sins & Needles: Amazon ♦  Barnes & Noble ♦ Goodreads

Shooting Scars: Amazon ♦  Barnes & Noble ♦ Goodreads

Okay, enough with my gushing over the fabulous Karina Halle and her books. (Because I could do that all day.) Click any of the pictures or HERE to head on over to Karina’s place to see my interview and for the chance to enter in her 2 FABULOUS GIVEAWAYS!

The 1st giveaway features SIGNED paperbacks of On Every Street and Sins & Needles, along with Kindle versions of the next two books (Shooting Scars and Bold Tricks) when they’re released.

The 2nd giveaway is for an e-book from each of the 30 PARTICIPATING AUTHORS! 30 e-books peeps! HOLY $H#T!

And now I leave you with an amazing teaser from Sins & Needles…

Can you see why I’m in love with Ellie’s character now?


Much love to everybody out there and now I’m off to go work on one of my own books. ;D ~ Crystal L.


9 thoughts on “Karina Halle Interview, Teaser & 2 Awesome Giveaways!

      • I am sure there are things we don’t know about him.

        I think I’m damaged…LOL. I hate him but I love him…ya know?

        Camden is just wrong. He pretends to be all together but there is something seriously messed up with that boy. At least Javier never pretends to be anything other than the psycho that he is.

        • I just love to hate Javiar, lol. And while he’s always been a dedicated psycho, he’s just a tad too psycho for me.

          Cam is just a guy that’s been effed over one too many times. That’s why he puts on his “super badass” persona over his more sensitive artistic soul.

          And to be honest, with Ellie, it’s a crapshoot who’s going to win in the end anyways. She’s just as effed up as both of them. LOL. I guess that makes me damaged because Ellie’s superb effed-up-ness is why I love her as a character.

          • No argument about Ellie. But I think you are wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to Cam. What about all those mentions of how the darkness takes over. And that happened long before Ellie or Sophia effed him up. Just sayin.

            Truth be told all 3 of them are products of their past, even (and maybe especially) Javier. When I was done reading S&N I was firmly team Cam. Even most of the way through SS. But after learning some things that happened between OES and S&N (no spoilers for peeps who didn’t get an early copy) I can understand some of his motivations, while I don’t agree with the actions.

            Too bad we can’t merge Javi’s hotness and alpha bad-assness with Cam’s slightly better morals, the tattoos, and his extremely large…well, you know *G*

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