WoW. I’ve just received the rudest email to end all emails from a reader.
“Are fuckin kidding me release ur fuckin book or put a fuckin accurate release date up dipshit!!!!!!!!!”

TO explain a little, she asked if the February 28th, 2015 release date on Goodreads for The Demon Who Loved Me was still accurate. I replied explaining: “Unfortunately, due to some difficulties with some medications I was prescribed, no. I am behind schedule. I’ll make sure Goodreads gets updated tomorrow. I’m sorry if this disappoints you. I hope to have it out in the next few months.”

Let me establish something here. My health is more important than writing and releasing a book for you to read. I appreciate each and every reader I have. I promise I do. If I could give every one of you a hug, I would. And I’m sorry that I had some medical issues (at least one severe) that required a merry-go-round for MONTHS of different medications that all had some bad reaction or whatever. Hell, I’m STILL having problems with my medications. I get that set back ALL of my writing projects and I’M SORRY. Really, really sorry. But as much as I love my readers, bloggers, characters and stories… sometimes I have to love myself and my family a little more.

I’m a mother of two little girls who are EVERYTHING to me. If there’s an archery tournament, school function, or whatever, I’m there. I make sure to spend time with them every chance I get because life is too short and I don’t want them to think of me as “that woman who always sat behind a computer writing away but never spent any time with us”.

I’m so mad right now that I’d like to throw my computer out of the second story window and tell everyone that there won’t be ANY MORE BOOKS.

I like to think I respect everyone. Readers, bloggers, other authors. Please show me a little respect in return. I’m checking out for a few days. I’ll be back… whenever.

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  1. Hugs, don’t let the haters ruin your day!!! Unfortunately, there are rude obnoxious people out there who obviously have forgotten their manners!!! Take care of yourself and family πŸ™‚ They come first!!! <3

  2. Jessie–that is one tiny little voice of the many thousands of readers that LOVE your books, and will wait patiently for your releases. We have lives too, and completely understand the importance of spending it with those we love. Don’t let one idiot get you down, I love your books, as I’m many of those who eagerly await your stories do. Thank you for taking time out to write the wonderful stories you do, as I can tell you I’m an avid reader.

  3. Laleh

    Hi, I read you e-mail and just wanted to say that I feel exactly how you feel. Just know that you true fans wants you to be healthy & happy, as well as having a healthy family & a healthy relationship with your loved ones. Loyal fans will also wait for your books to come out whenever they come out. Just ignore those rude and demanding people and concentrate to get well. Spend loving and quality time with you family. I wish you get soon and be happy.😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Shame on whoever sent you that email. Your health and family come before any job. I don’t care if it is writing for a living or working 9-5 in an office. No work should be put before human care. I have 2 little ones of my own and I know that in order to keep up with their needs I have to take care of me. So you do what you need to to get your health and family taken care of and when the story is ready, I’m sure it will happen. Hoping you get better soon. Hugs!

  5. Your health and family are top priority. Sorry that the person was so hateful and rude. Your readers will be waiting for your next book release with baited breath.

  6. Vera Quinn

    I am so sorry you have to read such ugliness from insensitve people. Your are a great author and you are entitled to a personal life. Your health and family should always come first.I hope your medical situation has improved.Hugs and prayers for your family.

  7. Stacey Bible

    I think that reader has “issues”! I’d love a new book from you everyday, but life happens and you have to deal with it. Just keep doing what you do, Mommy is so much more important than sitting at a computer all day. Thanks for the fantastic books.

  8. Janet

    I read the comments and agree with all. Cogdee is right, what a twat. Health and family are number one. We’ll all wait very patiently for your next book and remember that there are way more people who love your books then like a few assholes that send e-mail shit like that.

  9. Charli A.

    I’m usually a “silent” observer, but I just had to comment. First, I’m so sorry that you experienced this. I love to read, but I also realize that authors are people, too. No one has any right to take such a negative standpoint, especially as that. I hope that you are able to take time to take care of yourself. I commend you for putting family and yourself first. πŸ™‚

  10. There are some truly ignorant and rude people out there. You have no reason to apologise, and with twats like that around who needs critics??

    I took me the better part of 18 months to get the right combination of meds for me, and I still have to be routinely checked. It’s a pain in the backside when trying to manage a home and work life. I would like to pass on a little saying I have been told often.. HEALTH BEFORE WEALTH!!

    Whilst I can’t wait to get my hands on your next book, I think the saying is true and should be considered by everyone battling ill health. Hope you get better soon and my prayers are with you and your family, it can’t be easy for them either.

    As for the twat who sent the message, my suggestion would be turn her into a character that gets eaten by a wolf or made to spend eternity in some dank demon hell hole! Creative writing is a wonderful gift and fabulous form of revenge, because she’ll know it’s about her and her behaviour. I can’t imagine anything more embarrassing, can you?

  11. Belinda

    Get to feeling better. Your family and health are more important. You never need to apologise for putting those first. Love your books and can wait as long as it take. Super big hugs your way and keep smiling don’t let any A-hole upset you.

  12. Debby

    That person who wrote that horrible stuff is a bully and please do not pay attention to what one person says. I know it is hard but you have plenty of followers that speak highly of you and know life gets in the way. So please try not to be so upset which I know is hard to do. We love your books and you. I pray for you to get better for you and your family and for your readers that appreciate you.

  13. I am so, so, sorry you had to endure that rudeness after everything you have given your readers. Your books are gifts and to demand a gift shows an extreme lack of home training and breeding. Please, please take care of yourself, and when you feel ready to share your gifts with the world once again, I will be appreciative and humbled by them.

  14. Jo

    That email says a lot about the person that wrote it and nothing about you. What is wrong with some people?? Do what you need to – like many others I really enjoy your books and understand when life intrudes on plans. Looking forward to more wonderful reads.

  15. Pamela

    Some people need to grow up. I am wheelchair bound and without my family I would never go anywhere. My only avenue of escape is reading, without authors like you I would be stuck in my apartment forever. Please don’t let the ill manners of one individual upset you from doing something that brings joy to so many of us. Health and family are all many of us have, we will still be here for if you will still be here for us.

  16. Serena

    Hello! I’m… well, nobody.I just want to say the “dipshit” in this circumstance IS the person who wrote that email! And (excuse me for my language in advance) LIKE HELL you have to apologize for your health or account for the love of your family! You don’t own her an explanation! Priorities,for God’s sake,priorities! You shouldn’t pay any attention to this ridiculous miserable person who calls themselves readers.They are not! Take care of yourself first and foremost! I would wish you well, but I know you don’t need any wishes. Because you Will be well soon. So this is just a little thinking of you note instead.

    P.S. I’m sorry for my poor grammar or any mistakes I made.English isn’t my first language.Say goodbye to the a**holes out there and that bout of bad health and get well soon.

  17. suzlyne

    I can’t believe anyone would send such a rude and hateful email like that. You take care of yourself and your family first because your readers will be here when you are ready to put out your next book. Having a chronic illness myself I know what it’s like to have to choose one thing to get accomplished because you know you physically can’t do any more than that. I hope they get your meds figured out soon and you can get to feeling better!

  18. Emma

    I agree your health and family are the most important. Get well soon and I’ll be here for you when you are ready xx

  19. Makeda

    I agree with you 100%. You’re health and family is more important than anything! That response was rude, unnecessary and just plain ignorant. Don’t let that person get to you. You focus on yourself, and we, your readers, will be here for you😊. I hope you feel better soon!

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