It’s a SALE!!! Except I have no flashing lights or giant signs to give you, lol.

What I do have for you is reduced pricing on all my signed paperbacks in my signed paperback web store AND a 99 CENTS sale on Stripping Her Defenses! And in case you haven’t heard, I have amazeball new graphic chapter headings on Big Bad Bite and Walk On The Striped Side, a slightly tweaked and prettier cover on Big Bad Bite, AND brand new covers for The Burning Star & The Frozen Star. To sum it all up, you can get signed prints of any of my available paperbacks, plus pick up Stripping Her Defenses for just 99 pennies. Goodies all around, for yourself and/or a friend for Christmas. Enjoy my lovelies and grab them up while you can! Sale on everything ends DECEMBER 2ND, 2016.



❤ Jessie

P.S. Don’t forget I have a Cafe Press store for all of your t-shirt, clothing, bag, coffee cup book nerdette needs! 🙂

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