Excerpt from Where I Belong

Where I Belong by Claudia Connor

The second they were inside, Owen turned her back to the door, skimmed his lips down her neck. He tasted the smooth skin of her throat, thinking of the way she’d looked licking that ice cream, her tongue slipping out slowly, licking up to the tip of the scoop…

Now she was tearing him apart with just a kiss.

He needed patience, ease, and he battled his instinct to ravage her. He’d never felt anything like Charlotte. Their combined heat was like a fire, growing and growing… She whispered his name through breathless lips and grasped his head, her fingers curling into his hair.

He stroked his palm higher up her thigh and cupped her bottom, urging her to wrap her legs around his waist. When she did, he carried her to the first surface he came to, which was the wide wooden table. The centre piece was shoved to the opposite end just before her back met the wood and he was over her. His assault on her neck continued but he didn’t stop there. He dragged the edge of her sundress down, baring her breasts—her naked breasts.

His head swam and his breath came out in a burst “I’m glad I didn’t know how close these were.”

With her eyes squeezed tightly shut, she raised her hands to cover herself. “I didn’t need a bra with this dress. I don’t always. Need one.”

Gently, he peeled her hands away. “Not needed, or wanted.” Her breasts were small and perfect, pale and creamy with pink nipples just begging for his mouth. He stretched her arms above her head on the table, then licked one, rasping his tongue over the peak. She gasped, arching, and he repeated on the other before sucking her breast.

“So beautiful. You are so damn beautiful, and I want you. So much my hands are trembling.” His breathing was heavy, his chest heaving. “I don’t want to scare you.”

She reached up to touch his cheek, “You’re not scaring me. Take me to bed. I want you to.” Her breath was coming fast, as well, but her lips curved in a shy smile. “I’ve never said that before. Never wanted to before.”

“Good, Lord. Now I’m scared.”

“Don’t be. I trust you.”

His breath rushed out again. He brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her lips, completely undone by her words. “You take my breath away.” And she was taking his heart right along with it.

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