PSA – Understand Your Author:

HI there! I have writer’s ADD. Which means you’re going to get a million different projects from me in random order because it seems that I can’t sit down and write book after book in the same series. I’ve had complaints about this, and I understand a reader’s frustration. On the other hand, I’m being honest when I say, creatively, I simply cannot work on the same series book after book. I hope you can understand and that you do not hate me for this flaw because I promise it will not be fixed anytime in the future. I’ll always be a bit squirrely and all over the place. Hopefully you can just love me for being me.

♥ Jessie

P.S. Feel free to ask me questions!

One thought on “PSA – Understand Your Author:

  1. Since I seem to have the equivalent of “writer’s ADD” as a reader, I think we are good. Yesterday I read a contemporary western collection, today it was a rom com. Just looked at a historical that caught my interest. OR do I feel like a suspense? So you write what you need to, and I will read it!

    BTW – thank you for being such a fantastic writer that I have liked all your stuff, no matter what series.

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