Excerpt from Edge of Temptation

Edge of Temptation by Gennita Low

15181427_10208969810981193_8540619144424275916_nExcerpt – the first page to Edge of Temptation:
(unedited, excuse the typos)
Copyright Gennita Low 2016

Rule #1. Never call your new boss in the middle of his sort of second honeymoon. To his credit, his new boss, Jared Westin, picked up at the first ring.

“You realize you’re calling in between baby time. Which means, you’re calling during my time with my wife. This better be good, Walker, or I’m docking your pay.”

Walker heard Sugar in the background, “And he has to do babysitting duties when he gets back. Rookie.”

He shuddered at the thought. He knew he shouldn’t have called. “Umm, Bossman, do scientists wear fuck-me tight leather to work?”

He eyed his charge from the car. That could not be Nadine Kincaid. The woman turned in his direction and he had a good look. Yup, that was definitely her, in a tight leather get-up burning a hole in his eyeballs, carrying her usual work briefcase.

“Is this a trick question?” Jared asked. “Because I’m not an expert in leather clothes. Sugar is, though….Babycakes, he wants to know whether scientists wear fuck-me tight leather to work.”

Walker sighed. “Don’t give me a hard time, Bossman. Something’s wrong. She’s wearing leather.” He watched her walk past him, in her usual path, but holy hell, that walk. He muttered. “She’s wearing fuck-me high heels too.”

That sashay of a walk was a slow prowl. She bent to pick something up, her leather-encased ass in perfect view. That slow burn in his eyeballs was making a direct heat blast down to lower regions.

“Fuck-me high heels,” his boss repeated. He sounded amused.

“Did we hire you for fashion analysis, Rookie?” Sugar’s voice came through loud and clear now. Either Jared handed her the phone or she snatched it from him. “What do you have against fuck-me leather, anyway? I wear leather.”

He did not want to get into a fight with Sugar Westin, especially about leather outfits. That woman wore it like an armor. Rule #2. Never discuss the clothes a woman wear with her.