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Fauna Calpurnius was a witch on a mission.
Or several of them, you might say.
She needed to kill her evil father, help her best friend Liv find her magic mirror, and secure her own freedom once and for all.
There were few options in the dire situation known as her life.
If Fauna didn’t kill her father, the head of their Coven, or his sadistic henchman Hannibal, she would die without ever experiencing freedom. And if she didn’t help her friend Liv find her magic mirror, then an evil witch named Thea would smash it in to a million pieces. Thereby, killing Liv, the only friend she’d ever known.
Could it get worse than that?
Some people really shouldn’t ask that question.
Fauna Calpurnius being one of them.

Did you receive a copy of Wicked Witch with no Epilogue in it?

Jessie uploaded the wrong copy – EEP. It has been fixed since then, but since the file replacement can take time, CLICK HERE to read Wicked Witch’s Epilogue online!

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