Bullets and Bluebonnets

B&B Ebook mock new cover 2bEx Ops Series #6 / Cristin Harber Titan World

1st Edition Published January 24th, 2017

2nd Edition Published March 19th, 2018

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From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and best-selling author Jessie Lane comes an exciting collaboration…

What happens when Titan and Ex Ops work together?
Terror has gripped the NYPD. A rogue sniper took out, not only the NYPD’s SWAT snipers and police chief, but several others. Now they must turn to the only person they can trust: Jared Westin and the Titan Group.

There’s only one problem. The Titan Operatives are currently tied up with their own missions.
Unwilling to leave the NYPD hanging, Jared Westin cashes in a favor from Commander Jaxon Wall. Only, Jared doesn’t want to send Jaxon’s Ex Ops Team for the job; he wants to send in someone Jaxon has kept secret: his goddaughter, Billie Jean Beasley, one of the best snipers working for the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, if only her male counterparts would let her prove it. The NYC mission could finally give her that chance.

Thing is, Jaxon Wall isn’t willing to send his goddaughter in alone. He wants to send one of his own men to help her. Chase Anderson.

Will Chase turn out to be yet another man who thinks Billie is less of a shot just because she’s a woman? Or will Billie finally meet a man who realizes she loves her bullets as much as bluebonnets?

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A message from Cristin Harber:

I am excited to announce the Titan World stories! From military romance and romantic suspense to contemporary romance and paranormal, a few of my favorite authors have jumped head first into our heart-pounding world and penned their stories with Titan twists. You will see familiar characters from popular, bestselling series as they collide in fantastic collaborations! Plus I’m excited to introduce two debut authors who you may already know if you are familiar with all things Team Titan.
Please join me in welcoming the Titan World authors: Claudia Connor, Gennita Low, Jessie Lane, M. L. Buchman, Megan Mitcham, Sharon Kay, Karyn Lawrence (aka Nikki Sloane), Amber Addison, Anna Bishop Barker, and Tarina Deaton.

Quick Q&A
Am I writing a story too? You betcha! Déjà vu will be Doc Tuska’s story. He’s not a Titan team member, but he is a familiar and constant face in the series—perfect for Titan World!

Which Titan characters will be in the other author’s stories? The authors had free rein. Some took on Titan like missions while others wrote backstories to characters and expanded on their families. They took scenes from current Titan books and expanded in a new direction.

What is the reading order of the Titan World? There is NO READING order (Even if one of the retailers has randomly assigned a series number. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Amazon.).

Check out all of the books in the Titan World!

Complete list of Titan World Stories:

Flightpath by Amber Addison

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Going Under by Anna Bishop Barker

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Where I Belong by Claudia Connor

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Edge of Temptation by Gennita Low

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Downtime by Karyn Lawrence/Nikki Sloane

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Target of Mine by M.L. Buchman

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Never Mine by Megan Mitcham

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Twisted Desire by Sharon Kay

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Rescued Heart by Tarina Deaton

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Discover the series that inspired the World!

AUTHOR: Cristin Harber

TITLES: (listed in series order)

Winter’s Heat | Garrison’s Creed | Westin’s Chase | Gambled | Chased | Savage Secrets | Hart Attack | Black Dawn | Sweet One | Live Wire | Bishop’s Queen | Déjà Vu

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