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Schedule of Upcoming Releases

   Well, my grand plans for writing in 2020 & 2021 went down the shitter in a flaming ball of good intentions, set on fire by the proverbial molotov cocktail known as the COVID-19 pandemic, my day job of managing a small town newspaper and multiple medical issues in my family. I typed here and there, I deleted the typed words here and there, and then I typed a few more words that I kept in my secret vault named “I’m not telling you what project I’m working on right now”. I feel like I’ve made too many grand announcements about what’s coming next, and then something happens, so as of today, I’m zipping my lips and you’ll just be surprised. And you’ll like that surprise too or I will spank you missy! (Just kidding… or not). So… that being said, below is the list of what I’m I’m planning to work on as of 11/01/2021. Below you will find a list of what I plan to work on between now and the end of 2025, in SERIES order – NOT RELEASE ORDER!

  • Big Bad Bite Series
    • Cubs & Stripes (#3.5)
    • Gone With A Bite (#4 or #5)
    • Must Love Stripes (#4 or #5)
  • Ex Ops Series
    • Wedding Belle (#6.5)(Belle & Bobby short story)
    • Justice For Janie (#7/Susan Stoker’s Operation Alpha World)(Boyd from Secret Maneuvers)
    • Charlie’s Angel (#8 or #9)(Charlie from Secret Maneuvers)
    • Engaging Her Heart (#8 or #9)(Declan & Teagan’s story)
    • Surprise Attack (#10)
    • Friendly Fire (#11)
  • Hot Fur Series
    • Hot Fur the Bear
    • Hot Fur the Tiger
    • Hot Fur the Lion
  • Dead Series
    • Better Off Dead (#1)
    • Halfway Dead (#2)
    • Finally Dead (#3)
  • 911 In Love Series
    • Disturbing My Peace (#1)
    • Watch You Burn (#2)
    • Hold Me Together (#3)

Feel free to check back often to see if any of the above books’ release dates have been updated! ❤ Jessie Lane