Coming Soon

Schedule of Upcoming Releases

   Below you will find a list of what I plan to work on between now and before I die, in SERIES order – NOT RELEASE ORDER.

  • Big Bad Bite Series
    • Cubs & Stripes (#3.5)
    • Gone With A Bite (#4 or #5)
    • Must Love Stripes (#4 or #5)
  • Ex Ops Series
    • Wedding Belle (#6.5)(Belle & Bobby short story)
    • Justice For Janie (#7/Susan Stoker’s Operation Alpha World)(Boyd from Secret Maneuvers)
    • Charlie’s Angel (#8 or #9)(Charlie from Secret Maneuvers)
    • Engaging Her Heart (#8 or #9)(Declan & Teagan’s story)
    • Surprise Attack (#10)
    • Friendly Fire (#11)
  • Hot Fur Series
    • Hot Fur the Bear
    • Hot Fur the Tiger
    • Hot Fur the Lion

I’m flirting with new genres. I need a fresh start. Sort of like hitting the “reset” button on my life. The titles below will be released under a new pen name:

  • Dead Series
    • Better Off Dead (#1)
    • Halfway Dead (#2)
    • Finally Dead (#3)

Feel free to check back often to see if any of the above books’ release dates have been updated! <3 Jessie Lane