Sassy And A Little Bad-Assy Excerpt


After the life he had lived, Cruz Morales didn’t think anything could take him by surprise. Boy, was he wrong.

A Viking walking into a bar in this day and age? Yeah, he never in a million years thought that would happen. At least, he thought that was what the old man was supposed to be. He certainly couldn’t come up with any other reason a human man, who clearly belonged in a nursing home, was wearing leather pants, fur boots, a fur cape, and wielding a sword, hollering about Odin being on his side.

Odin had been a Viking, right?

Just then, the old man hollered again while the whole bar remained silent and still, utterly in shock of the spectacle before them.

“Give me the shield-maiden, and I will leave you damn fanged beasts in one piece. Otherwise, I will call down the wrath of Thor himself to obliterate this puny hall!”

A feminine groan caught his attention, and Cruz turned his head toward the sound. That was how he singled out the brunette with the gorgeous blue eyes and a hideous green cast on her left leg, hiding under the table. He took a deep breath in to capture her scent … then froze.

The aromas of lavender and vanilla hit him like a sucker punch. His entire world tipped on its axis as the truth hit him …

Fate was a fickle bitch. That was the only reasonable explanation Cruz could come up with for his current predicament.

Not the Viking who was screaming again, forcing Cruz’s attention back to the threat near the front of the bar. No, his problem was the brunette. She was the one thing he had never wanted to find: his true mate.


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