The Demon Who Loved Me Excerpt


Sweet baby Jesus, he had just caught a glimpse of an angel with a gun.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t an angel if she was swinging a gun around, pointing it at him and his friends, but she sure as hell did look like all his fantasies rolled up into one phenomenal package.

For a split second, he thought about whipping out his police badge and using it to go after his walking wet dream, but one look at his partner Jenna had him stopping in his tracks. She knew him all too well and was already shaking her head in negation. As in, no, you cannot go after the woman because you think she’s hot.

Fun killer.

Walking over to the bar where Gage was talking to his brother Alec in hushed tones, Kent asked the question that was burning on his mind. “Who the hell was that?”

Gage warily looked over at Kent and simply said, “An ex-girlfriend.”

Kent winced, but it didn’t stop him from asking his next question. “Who were the other chicks with her?”

That question had Gage giving him a dirty look. “Why do you ask? You’re not going to arrest them, are you?”

“Do you want me to?” Kent asked.


“Then no, I won’t arrest them, but I still want to know who they are.”

The tiger-shifter gave him a suspicious look, while Alec smothered a laugh with his hand. “If you’re not going to arrest them, then why do you want to know?”

That question had Alec laughing out loud. “Really, bro? You can’t figure out why Kent wants to know who they are? If it were me asking, what would be the reason?”

Gage shot a nasty glare at his brother. “Because you’d want to fuck one of them, you horny bastard.”

Alec nodded, while Kent tried to keep a cop face on. “Just give me their names, Ivanov.”

Gage turned his head back to glare at Kent again. “Why, so you can try to hit on them? Is that all you think about, your dick?”

Sometimes. But he wasn’t going to say that aloud.

Not to mention, he couldn’t help thinking about that wink the Amazon had given him before she had left. Or the hint of a smile that she had graced him.

Kent knew when a woman wanted him, and the Amazon had wanted him bad. For some odd reason, Kent’s body wanted her just as badly, and he didn’t know why. He had never felt this level of lust toward a woman before, and he was damn determined to find out why.

Running out of patience, Kent snapped, “Just give me a damn name.”

Gage cocked an eyebrow at him, silently saying, Do you really want to push your luck?

All Kent could think was: Hell yes! For that woman, he was willing to push all his luck if it would help him find out why he suddenly felt like he had to have her or he would die.

The reaction wasn’t rational, but he didn’t care. Right now, he had a one-track mind and that was finding out everything he could about his angel with the gun.

After Kent and Gage stared at each other for long, quiet minutes, the tiger-shifter finally got bored and gave in with a sigh.

“I don’t know who the older woman was, but the two younger women were more than likely Elena’s sisters, Delta and Chloe.”

“And which one is which?”

Gage shrugged. “I can’t be certain because I never met them. But I do remember Elena telling me that Chloe was the oldest and Delta was the youngest out of the three of them.”

Kent thought back to the group of women and visualized their appearances. He knew who Elena was without a doubt, and he wasn’t interested in the older woman, so that just left the two other younger women to decipher. Paired with the memory of Gage calling Elena “Sergeant Demos,” Kent now had a name he could run a check on: Chloe Demos. If need be, he could run all three Demos sisters’ names to find out who was who. It wasn’t much information, but it was a start.

Kent headed for the door, new determination in his every step, as his plan formed in his head. He would go to the police station and run Chloe’s name; see what he could find out about her from there first.

Before he made it to the door, though, the peanut gallery known as Alec piped in with his two cents.

“Man, I don’t know why you want her so badly. That chick was so frigid I thought my nuts were going to freeze off standing just five feet away from her.”

Kent turned his head before he walked out the door and said, “And I’m just the demon to warm her up.”


At his desk at the police station, Kent swore under his breath as he closed out another driver’s license picture of a Chloe Demos. That was not his Chloe Demos. Just how many women were named that in the state of North Carolina? He had already clicked on five of the ten results that had come up on his search.

Clicking on number six, he held his breath and waited for the driver’s license picture to come up.


Chloe Alyssa Demos. Date of birth: July 17th, 1986. Five-foot-five and one hundred and forty pounds. Residence listed on her license was one that Kent knew wasn’t far from the McPhee Pub. And her driver’s license was fairly new, so she hadn’t been living in the Wilmington area for long.

Using her social security number, Kent ran a background check on her and found no prior charges, which sort of surprised him. Only a little over an hour ago, she had been pointing a gun on him and his friends. He would have thought that she would have at least a minor infraction somewhere in her past to have that sort of bravado. Or maybe she was so confident because she had never been caught doing anything like she had done today. Whatever that answer was, he would figure it out … along with the rest of the mystery that was Chloe Demos.

Copyright © 2017 Jessie Lane.
All rights reserved.


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