Star Series


Beware! You are about to enter a world where fairy tales and myths come to life.

Only, it’s not as pleasant as you might think it’s supposed to be. This world of fae and magic are hidden on the edges of humanity… for now. But forces are at work to expose this world to the humans, putting all of its inhabitants in danger.

Meanwhile… two young women from very different walks of life will take journeys to discover themselves. Along the way they’ll meet others who will offer them help, friendship, betrayal… and perhaps love. Their journeys for answers will also lead them to the very villains who would destroy this magical world of the fae if given the chance. Will they come out the ultimate victors? Will they save the world of the fae? Will Kay and Kira end their journeys with their hearts in tact? Will they even make it to the end alive?

This young adult (upper YA/borderline New Adult) series features a large cast of characters who will make appearances in all three planned books. Each book will feature a different couple as they fight their way to a HEA (happily ever after). However, each book will tie into each other, continuing the story until its conclusion. This series should be read in order as each novel becomes available.

BurningStar BurningStar

The Divine Star

Book #3 (Conclusion of Series)

Release date – before the end of this century 🙂

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A HUGE thank you to Krista at Magnolia Ridge Photography for the beautiful pictures representing Kay, Kira and Sabine that were used for some of these teasers and covers! Model pictured on covers is Brittney Isphording.

I would also like to thank Cover Me Darling for bringing this world to life on the new covers! I love them so much.