Crawling through the MUD & running through FIRE for St. Jude’s Donations!

To those of you who have read our latest release, Secret Maneuvers, you know my character Annabelle is a FIGHTER. What you don’t know is that Annabelle and her best friend Teagan are also loosely based (by personality traits and quirks alone – I Mean Dag-gum!) on a very dear friend of mine, Aimee Percy. This incredible woman, that I consider myself blessed to call a friend, is a FREAKIN’ WARRIOR. Xena Warrior Princess has nothing on her. She’s an amazing woman who has served her country in the Marine Corps, is now married to Marine, an awesome mom, will soon graduate nursing school to become an RN, and Martha Stewart is out of her league when it comes to being in the same room with my girl! So I thought there was absolutely NO WAY she could be any more amazing.

And then she told me she was going to participate in the WARRIOR DASH here in Kentucky.

Have you ever heard of the WARRIOR DASH? This is NOT your run of the mill charity walk or run. Aimee will be running through FIRE, crawling through the MUD, climb CLIFFS and WALLS, as well as do many other feats that us mere mortals would scoff at. Why is she doing this you ask? For fundraising for St. Jude’s! What better reason is there to run gauntlets like this? She’s needs help raising donations though! $1, $5, $10 or more goes a long way to help St. Jude’s fight children’s cancer. Aimee has set a goal of $500 in donations. Please help me spread the word so that Aimee can reach this goal. A few dollars to help a child in need is one of the best ways to pay it forward in this world!

Click here to go to Aimee’s WARRIOR DASH PAGE to submit a donation.

Thank you everybody! Your caring and help means the world to us because St. Jude’s is a charity that Melissa and I truly believe it.

Here are some pictures from previous WARRIOR DASH events so you can see what Aimee has to look forward to!

WarriorRoast_1CliffHanger_1MuddyMayhem_1 GiantCliffhanger_1

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