This will tug at your heartstrings.


Thank you to anyone and everyone who donated! Enough money was raised to secure Conner’s dog. Here’s Julee Wright’s post thanking everyone:

Good Morning Everyone!

I don’t normally share this sort of stuff, but this story touched my heart. A local little boy in the area I live in is in desperate need of a service dog for medical reasons. Conner Wright has severe developmental challenges, and suffers from diseases like Epilepsy. His mother, @Julee Wright, is working with a non-profit agency, 4 Paws For Ability, to get this precious boy the dog he needs. She was just informed by the 4 Paws that there is only one spot left in the class and she still needs to raise a little over $1,500 for the dog’s deposit. Please check out Conner’s story and help out if you can! ❤ Jessie

Click HERE to watch WLKY News Report: Meade County family raising money to buy service dog for son

Donations are being accepted through First Giving:

Here’s the link to the mother’s recent post about the last class slot in case you want to verify the urgency of donations needed:

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