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A couple of things I want to share with you:Jessie's Jewels Banner

  1. I have a brand spankin’ new reader group on FB – Jessie’s Jewels! It’s a place to come socialize with other readers, talk books and book boyfriends. If you’re interested in joining, please click HERE.
  2. Walk On The Striped Side is temporarily down from all retailers except Amazon. There’s a very good reason for this – I PROMISE! On June 29th, Walk On The Striped Side will release in an Amazon exclusive box set, Roar, Growl & Kiss (A Box Set of 10 Sexy Shifter Romances), with 9 other AMAZING authors. I am thoroughly honored to be invited to this box set and I hope you all check it out when it releases. Some of my favorite authors will have stories in it! Also, this is a limited time box set, so you will see Walk On The Striped Side back up on all other outlets (B&N, Kobo, iBooks, etc) sometime around September/October.


From a pack of New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestselling paranormal authors comes a collection of 10 shifter romances that will leave you howling for more! Grab it today before it’s gone forever!
Walk on the Striped Side by Jessie Lane —Gage Ivanov is a stupid beast. He let the woman who should be his mate go because she couldn’t be told of his Other identity. Now Elena’s back, but she refuses to give in to his demands for her to be his mate. Does he have his claws in her for good? Or is she just yanking his tail?
Alpha Wolf Rising by Eliza Gayle — Before she can become Alpha, Sierra must take a wolf mate. However, she’s in love with two men, one of whom is strictly forbidden. When the pack is attacked and a temperamental stranger from the past threatens to send them spiraling apart, she must choose between love and duty.
London Howl by Hildie McQueen — International settings, a super model wolf shifter and off the charts chemistry make this a sizzling read.
Dragon’s Honor by Mina Carter — Misson: Protection duty. No one said anything about black magic or the most powerful magic of all. The call to mate…
Bearly Hanging On by Marina Maddix — It may be against the rules, but when a hot eagle shifter lands at an exclusive resort, one employee really wants to ruffle his feathers. What’s a curvy kitty to do?
Her Shifter Secret by Flora Dare — She’s a witch trying to forget the past. He’s a shifter who never wants to forget. But if they don’t worry about their future…they won’t have one.
Maria & the Angel by Jordan K. Rose — If pack law requires every wolf to mate and mating an outsider is forbidden, why has fate bound Maria’s heart to an angel?
Mate for a Month by Georgette St. Clair — Spoiled city girl Eileen Pennyroyal will do anything to seal a business deal that will win her father’s approval…but does that include a mating of convenience to a deeply damaged wolf shifter? Can Eileen convince semi-feral Marcus that he’s worth saving, before dark forces from his past come back to claim him for good?
Werewolf Wedding by Lynn Red — Delilah is barely keeping her head above water. Jake is the reluctant alpha of a secretive pack of werewolves whose brother is gunning to take over the pack. When their worlds collide, will they survive? Or will they end up bait before there can be a werewolf wedding?
Fast & the Furriest by Celia Kyle — One headline changed weretiger life forever: Ladies, like a tiger’s stripes? Tug his tail and keep him forever! Now Ares has a town of stripe-hunting women looking for a tiger’s tail to pull and… a full moon on the horizon.

Because Walk On The Striped Side will be off of other distributing channels such as B&N, iBooks, Kobo, etc., I am pushing back the release of The Demon Who Loved Me just a little over a month into the September/October range. I hate to do that, but I would really like all of my Big Bad Bite series books back up when I release Kent & Chloe’s story. Please, please do not burn me at the stake!!!

Until then, know that I am working on the final installment on Lucas and Ginny’s story (Sweet Eternity), and a couple of small surprise projects that should release around Kent and Chloe’s book, The Demon Who Loved Me. Also, Coal, the final book in my co-written Regulators MC series with Chelsea Camaron, should release on time after The Demon Who Loved Me. Woot woot!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer vacation!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below or send me a message.

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