Where have all the readers gone?

Where have all the readers gone? No seriously peeps… I wanna know. This is a judgement free zone so feel free to be 100% honest with me! Sales are way down, even for a new release, and I’m trying to figure out why. Am I not writing what you want to read? Is it the time of the year and you’re saving money for Christmas? Am I not selling where you read (for example Kindle Unlimited)? Tell me what’s going on so I can fix it pretty please!  Jessie Lane

8 thoughts on “Where have all the readers gone?

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  2. Heike

    Hi there, I personally still love reading your books and go back to the older ones often. Unfortunately, I can’t get the newer books written in Kindle Worlds, since I am from Germany and these books are not being sold here. So, although I would really love to buy your books, I literally can’t.

  3. I just started getting Kindle Unlimited so I can read more books. I felt the monthly membership fee was more cost effective since I read so much and can’t afford to buy as many books as I want. If you could put some of your books in KU, I would love it. Love your books, just can’t afford to buy all of them. I am on a tight budget, (especially now that Christmas is around the corner)

  4. Moira

    I read voraciously. Literally hundreds of books a year. I still have hundreds downloaded on both Kindle and iPad that I haven’t read yet so I am limiting what I buy now. I have to admit that I’m pretty much over billionaires, BDSM, paranormal (mostly) all with too much angst. Believe me I have read a lot of these and I’m pretty much desensitised to them.I love a very hot sexy read but it has to be super romantic. I love a good read that makes me laugh. Contemporary novels seem to be in the majority at present which are beginning to all seem the same. I think I’d like a few more historical books that are not prudish. Perhaps some more Westerns, early American and English history and really good 18th – 19th century heartthrob vampire books. As stated I read a lot and I’m now really over series that never end. I want good quality standalones that finish with a proper epilogue. Of course these are my personal choices and I might be far off the mark with the majority of readers.

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