Reading my 1st Mystery/Thriller Book for my Nana.

I’m about to dive into my first Mystery/Thriller that is not a Romance book. I’ve always wanted to read one, but couldn’t bring myself to do it until now. I bet that sounds strange, so let me explain. My Nana loved Mystery/Thrillers. Many of my favorite memories of her, she had a book in her hand. While we were at the beach or just spending time together at her home, the two of us reading.

Personally, I started out reading Epic Fantasy, worked my way to YA Fantasy Romance, which eventually led me to Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy and finally Contemporary Romance. Since I lost Nana five years ago, I couldn’t see a Mystery/Thriller book without thinking of her… and hurting. Deep, down to the bottom of my soul hurting.

Seeing the names Dean Koontz, David Baldacci, James Patterson or Lisa Jackson makes me want to cry still. Which can be awkward because they’re sort of everywhere, you know? Especially James Patterson. Good Lord but that man is EVERYWHERE, lol. But after losing Nana, I wanted to read a genre I’ve never really wanted to read before – just to feel closer to her again. So, after five years I’m ready. My eyes are watery while writing this, my throat feels like it’s closing and my chest is starting to feel tight, but I’m going to take that step.

I bought my first two books: The Last Child & The Hush by John Hart. I already know I want to try some Harlan Coben after those because I adored his Netflix shows. Wish me luck everyone. And for all of you who still have your grandparents in their lives, give them a hug for me please. Because I would do ANYTHING, and I do mean anything, to have one more day with my two grandmothers. They were simply the best women in the world.

<3 Jessie


5 thoughts on “Reading my 1st Mystery/Thriller Book for my Nana.

  1. You are in for a treat. I, personally started my mystery affair with Nancy Drew back in the day have since graduated to the likes of the authors you mentioned. Since you are a fan of romance, have you tried romantic suspense? Catherine Coulter’s FBI series is fantastic. And Cynthia Eden not only has some fantastic paranormal stuff, but also a couple of serial killer type series – LOST series and Lazarus Rising series. Sorry to get carried away, but I love books and read just about everything. I could actually go on, and on, and on . . . But I will leave you with, enjoy reading a new-to-you genre.

    • I seriously love Cynthia Eden. I started with her paranormals and moved on to her romantic suspense. Sorry it took me so long to respond Pansy Petal! How have you been? 🙂

  2. Martha Lawson

    Try David Bell or Chevy Stevens – they were my first mystery/thriller that I read!! I was a die hard romance fan. Both of these authors are awesome, I think you’d like them.

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