Thankful for 911 Dispatchers and here is why…

I get to brag a little today.

One of Grizzly (aka my husband)’s 911 dispatchers received a national award today for her excellent work and reaction time during a call that took place last year.

A man had murdered his wife, told his niece what he had done, and then also told the niece he was headed to his son’s school to pick the boy up. That dispatcher immediately notified the school of a potential shooter situation and told them to go on lock down. And they did – just in time. That man showed up to pick up his son and was denied entrance. The murderer then went back to his van and pulled his gun on the responding officers. He was shot and killed.

What Grizzly didn’t know until after he was on scene, and the murderer was deceased, was that our Oldest Minion was in that school for a band festival/competition. Thanks to that dispatcher, my baby is alive today. I can’t thank her enough. She deserves that award and so much more – but if you tell her she’s a hero she will tell you that she was just doing her job.

Remember your 911 Dispatchers folks. They’re first responders who don’t get recognition nearly enough. #GoldLine

<3 Jessie Lane

One thought on “Thankful for 911 Dispatchers and here is why…

  1. That is amazing and reminds us that there are always people behind the scenes that are the true heros! Its so great to hear when someone gets recognized for something they did that saved lives. These dispatchers experience so many aweful things and noone ever realizes that they are as much part of the first responders as the actual police, fire, rescue etc. It takes a special person to be able to do a job like that.

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