Secret Maneuvers hits 300 reviews on Amazon! WOWZERS!!!

I am unbelievably humbled and honored to see that Secret Maneuvers has hit the 300 reviews mark on Amazon you guys! AND it has a 4.4 overall rating?!?! SOMEBODY FREAKIN’ PINCH ME. Thank you so much. I am always left in awe at how amazing my readers are. Just when I think this dream I had of writing can’t get any better, you guys out there do something to surprise me. For those of you who have read and enjoyed the Ex Ops Series and have NOT heard the news, there will be new Ex Ops stories coming this year! Also, if you are reading this and have not read Secret Maneuvers yet – what are you waiting for?! It’s FREE in ebook format right now!!! Again, thank you so much for this honor. If I could hug all 300 of you I totally would.
πŸ’–Β Always,
Jessie Lane
P.S. The super, duper 300th Amazon review is listed below in case you wanted to read it. My heart is overflowing right now!!!
Annette Aguilar (aka, Jessie’s new favorite person)
5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievably wonderful
Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2020
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Wow! Such an awesome adventure, I laughed, I cried, And I rooted for them to make it! I wanted to hit him for being such a jerk, and unforgiving! It was such a wonderful heartwarming, heartbreaking story, you could feel the pain, betrayal, anger, grief, hopelessness, and love! The characters were fantastic, the heroes and heroines stood strong with goodness and dedication, and the villains were evil and vicious, thankfully the good guys won! I loved the characters and the story, it pulled you in and held you til the end! Excellent, entertaining, exciting, and kept you guessing! Great job! New favorite!
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