Big Bad Bite: Adam’s Snarly Snippet

From Chapter One:

Adam watched as the black police van pulled away from the curb and speed down the street with its mysterious occupant inside. Here he’d come to track down his cousin’s killer and drag him back to his turf for some pack style justice, and instead ended up having his prey snatched right out of his hands. That did not make him a happy predator. In fact, it made him kind of snarly. Sure the asshole would be tried and convicted for his cousin’s wife’s murder, but Adam had been looking forward to the creep facing claws instead of steel bars. This douche bag was going to be getting off easy, in the joke that was called the human justice system. It just wasn’t fair. He stifled the growl that churned in his throat.

But that was okay. He’d just had something else dropped into his lap. That little cop with midnight black hair, bright arctic blue eyes that reminded him of an Alaskan husky, and luscious little curves had snagged his interest. From the moment she’d kicked down the door, Adam had caught the almost hidden scent of something else in her. And after she just stared him down, he was all but itching to find out what she was.
*We hope you enjoyed the snippet! Look for another one later on this week!*

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