Readers spoke… and we listened. Big Bad Bite fixed because of YOU. ;D

Being a new Indie Author is exciting, full-filling, and many times a learning lesson. Melissa and I are constantly learning new things and pushing ourselves to be better writers. To give readers what they want. Sometimes we triumph… and other times we may falter. When we sent our paranormal romance off to our professional editors (the fabulous ladies at C&D Editing) we thought all our problems were solved.


Heh. Lesson Learned #1,623,754,890: Just because you send your literary baby off to professional editors does not mean your input on it is done and you may still have work to do. The ladies at C&D Editing gave us a few options on how the book could be edited, and Mel and I picked what we thought was the best solution at the time. After releasing that version of Big Bad Bite, which we chose to have edited into a 3rd person present tense book, and then watching readers review it, we realized our mistake. We saw the comments readers left about the present tense being off putting. It took us a while, but we finally sprung into action to fix it! Big Bad Bite was sent back to our editors and those lovely ladies fixed OUR mistake. The book is now in the normal, 3rd person, past tense format.

We apologize to our readers and we also thank them for hopefully being patient with our goof up. Please understand that we’re not perfect by any means and we’re only human. We made a mistake – and then we fixed it. Does this mean that if you read one of our books, decide you detest one of our characters so you let us know in your review, that you can expect to change that character? Absolutely not. Sorry peeps. We love you and you mean the world to us but somethings just can’t be fixed. Thankfully, editing is something that can be corrected.

Links for the new (and freakin’ final) edited ebook copies of Big Bad Bite:  Amazon ♦ Barnes & Noble

Printed copies of Big Bad Bite will be updated sometime in the next two days. Fair warning, nothing about this book has changed except for the tense changes from present to past. In case you’re wondering, the cover still looks exactly like this:

BBB potential 1b

So there you have it. You all spoke, and we want you to know that we heard you loud and clear. Even if it seems to others that we are majorly hard of hearing. Big Bad Bite’s tense problem is solved. We hope that those of you who have already bought the book will forgive us for our error. For those of you who have not read the first book in the Big Bad Bite Series, we hope you’ll give our book a chance. We rather adore Jenna and Adam’s story. We can also promise you all that there is much more snarkiness and wild-ass-good-times to come in the next book, Walk On The Striped Side!

WOTSS proto type teaser

We hope to see you there as Elena and Gage show the world why you should NOT piss off an Alpha Tiger Shifter or a hard core bitchy Amazon. Those two are putting  each other through a physical and emotional smack-down session of epic proportions! We have high hopes to bring you their story this fall.

WOTSS proto type teaser 2

Till then, read your ass off with some of your other favorite authors and know that we’re typing away at not one, not two, but THREE books for all of you right now. Feel free to drop us a line, we love to hear from you. And most importantly – share your lists of book boyfriends with us. We’re always looking for new drool-worthy material. ;D

The Chick Who’s Always Rockin’ Out On Her Laptop Keyboard,

Crystal, aka half of ‘Jessie Lane’

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