If you don’t read on Kindle…

I realize I might be opening a can of worms here, but how many of my readers out there DO NOT have the Kindle reading program and use B&N, Kobo or iTunes instead? I’ve now released 3 novellas in Kindle Worlds: Lone Wolf Wanted, Sassy and a little Bad-Assy and Bears Do It Better. If I had a bit of a solution, would you be interested? If yes, please email me at: jessie_lane@jessielanebooks1.com

4 thoughts on “If you don’t read on Kindle…

  1. oh a solution like instafreebie/are or smashwords ( so all format exist) would be fabulmous because aside from those n,ot reading kindle there is also the whole group of those outside the US for which kindle world are not available ( though we have discovered that it can be gifted)

    • The solution is basically to have you buy the Amazon copy (if you are US), email me the receipt, and then I can give you an epub or pdf copy for your ereader. I still have not figured out a solution for international. Sorry!

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