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Amazon has dropped the price on Sassy and a little Bad-Assy to 99 CENTS! Grab it now because I have no idea when it will go back to $1.99. 😉

Milly Taiden’s Sassy Mates Kindle World

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Released 9/01/16!

A Viking walks into a bar…

Nikki Wolf wished that was the beginning to a bad bar joke. Unfortunately, it was her crazy grandfather looking for her … dressed in full Viking regalia. All she had wanted was to get a few hours away from her slightly insane family.

… and gets thrown out on his ass by a sexy werewolf.

Cruz Morales started his first shift as a bouncer at the Thirsty Wolfe an hour ago. His boss said the place could get crazy, but Vikings? Really? At first, he couldn’t understand what the senile old man was shouting about. Then he spotted the sexy brunette hiding underneath a table. He didn’t know who the hell she was to the old man or why she was hiding, but the beast inside him knew one thing for sure: she would be his.

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A stand alone novella in Milly Taiden’s Sassy Ever After Kindle World!  🙂

Two other Sassy Mates Kindle World stories are also on sale for 99 CENTS! Check them out:

dragon-sassDragon Sass by Selena Kitt- Amazon US

Blue Creek needs a dragon. There’s only one problem—they don’t exist anymore. Or do they?

Kai is just trying to live the quiet life of a billionaire recluse. He might still like spicy food and spicy women, but he sacrificed his dragon’s heart over a thousand years ago and hasn’t been able to shift since.

But Kai’s old nemesis, Nigel, has come back—from the dead—and the old Necromancer has his sights set on the wolf shifters. Nigel is wreaking havoc all over Blue Creek and, unfortunately, the only thing that can kill him is dragon fire.

It’s feisty, orphaned horsewoman Jules, whose therapeutic ranch is in serious financial trouble, who holds the dragon’s heart—and she doesn’t even know it.

But renowned shifter-matchmaker Barb Wolfe knows—and this is the most important match she’ll ever make. The whole town, and maybe the entire shifter race, depend on it.


Mate of Honor by Renee George – Amazon US

Curvy fox shifter Bailey Corsac lost the man of her dreams to her childhood best friend. Though her heart still aches for the love that will never be hers, Bailey finds herself the maid of freaking honor for the wolf couple’s official union. At the wedding party’s scenting ceremony, no one is more surprised than Bailey when the groom’s older brother, and heir apparent to the alpha, decides to claim her. Forrest Blackthorn is maddening and grumpy and–okay, admittedly sexy.

It’ll take more than growl and an alpha attitude to tame Bailey, and Forrest has another thing coming if he thinks he can simply Big, Bad Wolf this vixen.

Forrest Blackthorn, the new alpha of the Blackthorn Pack, is instantly smitten with the sassy fox shifter, and the heat between them is nothing less than volcanic. So, he’s understandably confused when she runs away from him.

Choosing Bailey as his mate puts her in immediate danger. But the bad guys better watch out, because this wolf will stop at nothing to keep his foxy woman safe.

The paranormal awesomeness doesn’t stop there though! Check out my friends Abbie Zanders and Tiffany Roberts! I love both of these series so much. <3


Faerie Godmother by Abbie Zanders – Amazon

Mythic’s newest citizen, Dr. Ana McKinnon, has a secret.

No one knows; not even the Werewolf pack that has taken her under their protection. When Ana unexpectedly receives invitation to Mythic’s most prestigious event: a masquerade ball hosted by the reclusive Vlane Masterson, she doesn’t want to go. She only accepts when she realizes that not going will draw more unwanted attention to herself than going.

It’s a good plan. At least until the master vampire himself finds her alone and decides to sample the goods.

Vlane Masterson awakens the morning after his annual soirée to find that something changed him, utterly. The vampires are understandably concerned; anything that can render such a powerful being vulnerable can upset the delicate balance of power and fragile alliances between the various preternatural, Extraordinary creatures that call Mythic home.
The last thing he remembers is partaking of a particularly lovely creature dressed as a legendary Faerie. But who is she? And why can’t he stop thinking about her? Where could she be … his mysterious Faerie?


Make Me Burn by Tiffany Roberts

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Groomed to slaughter, Morthanion spent millennia battling the forces of light, claiming countless lives. Captured and banished to a remote island by the Mage Council, his fury knows no bounds – until he meets her. Mesmerized by her voice and beauty, he is powerless.


Aria knows survival means avoiding the other islanders at all costs. Yet when she encounters the dangerous, persistent Morthanion, it’s clear all the rules have changed. But can she forgive him the wrongs he’d done and grant him her trust…and love?


Stripped of magic, Morthanion understands that savagery is necessary to survive. When Aria’s true nature is revealed, the other inmates will stop at nothing to have her – and the demon would fight the entire world to keep her safe.

And if you’ve had enough of the paranormal and want a contemporary read instead, check out all of these amazing books that are only 99 CENTS for a limited time!!!

Chelsea Camaron Hellions Ride MC Series


Message from Chelsea Camaron:

What if I told you I went a little sale happy? What if I told you for the first time and ONLY time ever I put all the Hellions Ride series books on sale for $0.99 each leading up to the release of Final Ride?
I don’t often do sales and there are books in the series that have never been on sale and most likely won’t be on sale again. So IF you haven’t already taken a ride with Hellions MC then now is the chance to get caught up! This is something I have never done before and honestly, can’t believe I am doing it now (it costs a lot to put these books out just saying).
Reading Order is
One Ride
Forever Ride
Merciless Ride
Eternal Ride
Innocent Ride
Heated Ride
Ride With Me (Hellions and Ravage MC Duel)
Originals Ride
All of the above only $0.99 each for a limited time.

Milly Taiden


New Release!
Lucky Chase Only #99cents #KindleUnlimited
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Event planner for the rich and famous, Lucky Nuñez lives her dream job. But when it comes to love, she’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. She’s dying to have babies, but it seems that’s never going to happen. A chance encounter leads her into the arms of Jared Thomas. He’s a bad boy to the bone. Sexy, seductive, and so domineering, he makes her toes curl. And he’s got dirty talk down to an art form.
Jared Thomas is a ladies’ man, but when he meets sexy Lucky, he knows she’s worthy of more than just play time. Never has he wanted to keep a woman like he does her. He will make her his wife and mother of his children. There’s only one problem: his past is trying to kill his future.
They have more than communication problems playing havoc with their relationship. With trust issues the size of Texas, these two need to open up to each other. That’s if they can stay alive long enough to try.

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