Library mocks romance novels…

I was rather heartbroken when I saw how the Kennett Library in Pennsylvania held its 3rd Annual ‘Bad Romance’ Event. There they made fun of Romance books/authors. I’m so tired of people calling what I read and write “porn”, “smut” or whatever ridiculous name they come up with. To the point where I have actually been considering quitting as a Romance Author. I have to stop myself from verbally cussing people out in my day to day life when they say something about me writing “porn”. It’s LIFE people. DRAMA. You live it Every. Single. Day. I was led to this genre by watching soap operas with my Nana. Would you call those porn? Would you look at your mom or grandmother and say, “Well you’ve had kids so you must have been into some real life porn, huh?” NO. They lived a LIFE. One with love, up and downs, possibly heartbreak. Trials and tribulations that you can’t possibly fathom surviving through. So, to those who feel the need to mock what I love to read and write, what my friends and peers love to read and write, kudos to you for being such a big person that you feel comfortable enough putting other people down. You must be “oh-so-great” that you feel qualified to cast those stones. Let me buy you a vibrator because if you’re so scandalized by our books then your love life probably sucks.
Sick And Tired of Your Bullshit, aka Jessie Lane

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