FREE EBOOKS while you stay home because of the Coronavirus!

Following in Aurora Rose Reynolds’s footsteps I’m putting several of my ebooks to FREE for those who are staying home in hopes of avoiding the Coronavirus. Some distributors are already free but a couple might take a little longer to switch from their old price (like freakin’ AMAZON) so please keep checking back.
FREE Ebooks:
❥Big Bad Bite (PNR)
❥Walk On The Striped Side (PNR)
❥Secret Maneuvers (Contemp. Romance/Romantic Suspense)
❥Bullets and Bluebonnets (Contemp. Romance/Romantic Comedy)
❥Sweet Agony (Contemp. Romance/Romantic Suspense)
❥Bears Do It Better (PNR)
❥The Alpha’s Secret Family (PNR)
❥Hot Fur the Wolf (PNR)
❥The Burning Star (Teen PNR)
♡Immortal Enemies is NOT free but is in KINDLE UNLIMITED
All of these titles, and their corresponding distributor links, can be found on my website page:
Please note this is a limited time thing. I don’t know when I will take them off from being free but just know they will not be free forever.
There are 2 facebook groups that I know of where authors are giving away free ebooks for those staying home. Here are those links:
If I find any more qroups like this I will update this post on my website!
Try to stay safe and sane while we all venture through these troubled times. And remember, be kind to one another.
♡ Jessie Lane

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