I know. I’ve been pretty absent. I promise there are good reasons for that. There’s a lot going on in the world in general, and that includes my little bubble too. COVID-19 is spreading in my county. We had a record breaking 12 new cases yesterday here. My kids are going nuts and getting depressed from being locked down in the house for months.
I had to make the hard decision to pull my 16 year old from public school because I didn’t feel like they were handling her mental health diagnoses properly. Instead I enrolled her into a private online high school that our local college accepted. That courageous and beautiful 16 year old Minion has now officially finished her private program and is graduated from high school before she ever technically hit her junior year. We’re going to take some time to work on her health and mental health for the next year or so before we get her started on college.
My youngest Minion has also had to be put on depression meds. I don’t mind sharing this information because I believe mental health is important and I haven’t been exactly shy about my own struggles through the years. Take care of yourself everyone! These are stressful times and there is no shame in going to see a doctor or a therapist if you need one.
Additionally, my dad has been having health issues that have resulted in two trips to the ER and an ambulance ride last night. Even my dog is depressed right now because she’s worried about my dad. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on, but needless to say, I need to take care of my daddy. I need to take care of my babies. I need to be there for my husband when he has his bad days too since he works in a high stress environment of running a 911 Emergency Dispatch Center during one of the most stressful times this country has seen in quite a while. And I need to be the manager of my newspaper so that we can efficiently disperse information to the public to help try and keep them safe.
Right now my priorities are my family (both personal and work) because they need me. So I might seem absent, but I swear I am online to check messages and emails when I can be.
I’m still writing in my spare time and still chugging away on my next two Ex Ops crossover books for Susan Stoker’s and Elle James’ worlds.
I’m still managing the Knockout Book Bash June 12, 2021 signing. I can’t wait for this event guys because to me it represents what will be a happier time in our world where COVID-19 is behind us and friends and readers can reunite for a long awaited hugs and a good time!
Between my family, my full time job, and writing… I’m just super busy.
So, please don’t think I’ve abandoned you, or any of my projects.
And if you have some spare good vibes or prayers you can send my family’s way, I would appreciate them.
PLEASE take care of yourselves!
Be safe, be kind and hang in there. We WILL get through this.
Love Always,
Jessie Lane


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