2020 went to hell in a handbasket

Well, my grand plans for writing in 2020 went down the shitter in a flaming ball of good intentions, set on fire by the proverbial molotov cocktail known as the COVID-19 pandemic. First it was because my job at the newspaper consumed my life as people were furloughed and I did the job of three people for more months than I want to think about. Then it was because I was hiring people back, training new hires, and getting the newspaper back on track. Just when things were starting to look somewhat normal again… my husband came home with COVID-19 and everyone in my house caught it. I’m still recovering, but over the worst of it. My goals now are to keep the newspaper on track as the pandemic worsens in our area and start writing again. So… that being said, below is the list of what I’m I’m planning to work on as of 11/21/2020. Below you will find a list of what I plan to work on between now and the end of 2024, in SERIES order – NOT RELEASE ORDER!

  • Paranormal Knockout Book Bash Anthology Story
  • Contemporary Knockout Book Bash Anthology Story
  • Ex Ops Series
  • Big Bad Bite Series
    • Cubs & Stripes (#3.5)
    • Gone With A Bite (#4 or #5)
    • Must Love Stripes (#4 or #5)
  • Hot Fur Series
    • Hot Fur the Bear
    • Hot Fur the Tiger
    • Hot Fur the Lion
  • Dead Series
    • Better Off Dead (#1)
    • Halfway Dead (#2)
    • Finally Dead (#3)
  • 911 In Love Series
    • Disturbing My Peace (#1)
    • Watch You Burn (#2)
    • Hold Me Together (#3)
  • Regulators MC – “stay tuned”

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