Library mocks romance novels…

I was rather heartbroken when I saw how the Kennett Library in Pennsylvania held its 3rd Annual ‘Bad Romance’ Event. There they made fun of Romance books/authors. I’m so tired of people calling what I read and write “porn”, “smut” or whatever ridiculous name they come up with. To the point where I have actually been considering quitting as a Romance Author. I have to stop myself from verbally cussing people out in my day to day life when they say something about me writing “porn”. It’s LIFE people. DRAMA. You live it Every. Single. Day. I was led to this genre by watching soap operas with my Nana. Would you call those porn? Would you look at your mom or grandmother and say, “Well you’ve had kids so you must have been into some real life porn, huh?” NO. They lived a LIFE. One with love, up and downs, possibly heartbreak. Trials and tribulations that you can’t possibly fathom surviving through. So, to those who feel the need to mock what I love to read and write, what my friends and peers love to read and write, kudos to you for being such a big person that you feel comfortable enough putting other people down. You must be “oh-so-great” that you feel qualified to cast those stones. Let me buy you a vibrator because if you’re so scandalized by our books then your love life probably sucks.
Sick And Tired of Your Bullshit, aka Jessie Lane

Link to Positive Article about this nonsense:

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12 Days of Christmas Signed Paperbacks Giveaway!

🎅 Merry Christmas y’all! 🤶

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*Please read the terms posted on the Rafflecopter!
**Winners will be randomly chosen and given randomly to authors on 12/24/19.



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The Midnight Coven presents:
Cursed Coven

On Samhain night the covens gather to share their power and celebrate. It’s a time for pure magic. A night of unbridled witchcraft. But there’s a dark force waiting in the wings, determined to curse every witch at the gathering, and when she does, no one escapes.

Face their darkest fear. Survive or die.

These are the stories of thirteen witches cursed at the one place they should have been safe. Join the coven and learn their fates.

Check out The Midnight Coven Website HERE

✨ Wicked Witch 

Fauna Calpurnius was a witch on a mission.
Or several of them, you might say.
She needed to kill her evil father, help her best friend Liv find her magic mirror, and secure her own freedom once and for all.
There were few options in the dire situation known as her life.
If Fauna didn’t kill her father, the head of their Coven, or his sadistic henchman Hannibal, she would die without ever experiencing freedom. And if she didn’t help her friend Liv find her magic mirror, then an evil witch named Thea would smash it in to a million pieces. 
Thereby, killing Liv, the only friend she’d ever known.
Could it get worse than that?
Some people really shouldn’t ask that question.
Fauna Calpurnius being one of them.

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Wicked Witch Release Date Change!

Dear Readers,

You know how when you least expect it Murphy’s Law kicks into effect and life happens in ways you were not expecting it to? Yeah… that’s me this past month and a half. I got a new day job working at my local newspaper. I love it. It’s fast paced and awesome. I was supposed to be one of two sales executives. My third week into the job the other sales lady quit. In her defense she had been offered pretty much her dream job – so who could begrudge her that? But it meant everything was landing on my shoulders and that was a lot to take on. So I had to pick up an extra day in the week for working my day job and for a little while my writing time was pushed to a big fat zero. I’m now starting to stabilize at my job and my writing time is coming back to me. Yippee!

If that wasn’t enough on my plate my oldest Minion hurt herself a few months ago. We’ve been trying to take care of it but it wasn’t going away so we took her to the doctor. It was her IT Band in her lower back and hips. She now has physical therapy appointments.

On top of all of that I am a “Mom First” person. My kids are always #1 in my life. We’re smack dab in the middle of Marching Band season and there are practices, football games and weekend competitions. The good news is there is only about a month of that left!

So I told you this very long story so you would understand WHY I had to speak to the Head Witches In Charge at the Midnight Coven and ask them for an extension on my Cursed Coven story, Wicked Witch. They were very understanding and gracious enough to let me push back my release date by a month. Wicked Witch will now be releasing on November 24th.

It’s still a part of the Midnight Coven’s Cursed Coven Series… just brewing in the cauldron a little slower than everyone else. 😉

I want to thank everyone in advance for their understanding. Hopefully you won’t get mad and decide to go all Salem witch trials on me and burn me at the stake. And to show good faith that my witch and all of her snark is coming… I give you Junkies the very first peek at my heroine Fauna. Those fingers of hers are dangerous.

❤ Jessie Lane

P.S. Buy links are on Wicked Witch’s website page.


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Coming Soon…

🖤 COMING SOON from The Midnight Coven! 🖤
On Samhain night the covens gather under a Harvest Moon.
It’s a time for pure magic.
A night of unbridled witchcraft.
A celebration of all they are and all they will be.
But there’s a dark force lurking, hiding, plotting. A rogue determined to curse every witch at the gathering. When she does, no one escapes.
Face their fear.
Break the curse.
Survive or die.
These are the stories of thirteen witches cursed at the one place they should have found sanctuary.
Join the coven and learn their fates.

Thankful for 911 Dispatchers and here is why…

I get to brag a little today.

One of Grizzly (aka my husband)’s 911 dispatchers received a national award today for her excellent work and reaction time during a call that took place last year.

A man had murdered his wife, told his niece what he had done, and then also told the niece he was headed to his son’s school to pick the boy up. That dispatcher immediately notified the school of a potential shooter situation and told them to go on lock down. And they did – just in time. That man showed up to pick up his son and was denied entrance. The murderer then went back to his van and pulled his gun on the responding officers. He was shot and killed.

What Grizzly didn’t know until after he was on scene, and the murderer was deceased, was that our Oldest Minion was in that school for a band festival/competition. Thanks to that dispatcher, my baby is alive today. I can’t thank her enough. She deserves that award and so much more – but if you tell her she’s a hero she will tell you that she was just doing her job.

Remember your 911 Dispatchers folks. They’re first responders who don’t get recognition nearly enough. #GoldLine

❤ Jessie Lane


If you have purchased Immortal Enemies and see the page pictured below – YOU HAVE THE WRONG BOOK FILE. I have uploaded the correct book file THREE TIMES NOW. I have also contacted Amazon to try and get this fixed. I’m sorry guys. I’m doing everything I can possibly do to fix the situation. I know it’s frustrating but please be patient. If I have to sacrifice a lamb and donate a gallon of my own blood I will get it fixed! Also, please note that there are refresh instructions for all Distributors on my website. The link is posted below. You might want to try that too in case it works for you. In the case of Super Assistant Kim it has not worked and frankly I think Amazon hates her as much as they hate me.
IE Reviewer's Page

#NewRelease – Immortal Enemies

💋 Immortal Enemies 💋
#Vampire #Viking #Witch #NewRelease
📌IMPORTATNT NOTE! If you bought Immortal Enemies earlier today, or as a pre-order, you will need to either REFRESH your ebook library OR RE-DOWNLOAD the ebook. There was a file mix-up when it was first released, but the correct file is in place now! Sorry for the mistake!!! ❤ Jessie Lane
More than a thousand years ago, their love burned brighter than the sun.
Now, the only thing that burns is his hatred for the woman he once sacrificed his life to save… and his skin in the daylight.
Arne Eriksson grew up in a time when Vikings ruled the seas. He’d longed for the day he would earn his entrance to Valhalla. A treasured afterlife he’d never see since being turned into a vampire.
The person responsible for making him a monster—the woman he’d once wanted to marry.
Liv Nornsdottir was the outcast of the Viking era. The daughter of the mystical Norns, she hid from the world around her.
All except for one… a boy who grew into the man she came to love.
When he sacrificed himself to protect her, she did the only thing she could think of to save him– she had him turned into a vampire. Something so taboo she knew it would cost her Arne’s affections for all eternity. In the moment, she didn’t think, she reacted.
She’s been running from him ever since.
Lovers turned to immortal enemies.
The problem is… he’s found her.
And Arne is none to happy to learn the woman who damned him to an eternity without glory is also his mate.
Are you willing to taste immortality?
Come with us and let our vampires glamour you into a world full of dangerous magic, toe-curling heat, and a love to last forever.
The Vampire Mates series by the Midnight Coven contains thirteen tales penned by your favorite best-selling paranormal romance authors.
Each novella can be read as a complete standalone, but of course, we hope you’ll bite into them all.
With our Vampire Mates at your side, immortality is sexy AF.
immortal enemies-3DeReader


I’ve been hard at work for months on the upcoming Books For Band 2019 Online Auction that starts on July 12th. This means that I haven’t gotten much writing done but I’m okay with that. You have to understand that this is the auction I’m going to be the one I’m most proud of when it’s all said and done. Not because it’s the BIGGEST one I’ve ever done (which it is) – but because it’s the most INCLUSIVE & DIVERSE romance auction I’ve ever done!
I busted my ass to make sure there’s something for EVERYONE this time and I hope you guys look through those books and get as excited as I am. Teen & YA, Adult, LGBT, Interracial, Mystery, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Clean, Naughty (eyebrow wiggles), BDSM and so much more! There’s over 550+ auction listings of signed books, a few unsigned books, custom book themed t-shirts and tote bags.
100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to the Meade County, KY Public School Band Program. The Band was in desperate need of some new instruments for their middle school and high school students, however the school nor state could afford to help. So the Meade County Band Boosters financed $56,000 worth of instruments for the band. They have to make a $13,000+ payment once a year for those instruments. Plus, keep in mind that Band Boosters consists of a handful of VOLUNTEER Band Parents – that’s it. So this is me, as a band parent, trying to help the band program.
I am so very grateful to all the authors, readers and bloggers who donated this year. You guys are hands down THE BEST. Make sure you create your account on the 32auctions website BEFORE the auction starts! Also, stay tuned to the FB Event page because I have a dozen or so swag packs I’ll be giving away between now and the time the auction starts. I also post auction updates there.
If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to comment below, PM me or email me at:
❤ Jessie Lane
P.S. Now that the auction work is pretty much done for the time being I’ll be getting back to writing! YAY! Hopefully I’ll have some updates on that for you soon. 😉
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